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Kumeu Brass - Specialists in Parades, Concerts & Private Functions,
Traditional & Modern Music for all occasions.

Kumeu Brass Inc. PO Box 513, Kumeu, West Auckland, New Zealand.

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KUMEU BRASS Inc.  Members' Area

Our bandroom is at the Kumeu end of Waitakere Road, off Access Road, Kumeu 0891.      Kumeu Showgrounds Gate 7 

360 46' 51" (36.78) South, 1740 33 ' 38" (174.56) East    map

Rules of Kumeu Brass Inc. (amended 2014)      AGM 2019 minutes            Our Public Liability Insurance Policy    


2019  date Event Venue Report Start
Sunday 15 December Swanson Carols Swanson Railway Station 6 p.m. 6:30 p.m.
Sunday 22 December St Chads Carols St Chads,Huapai 6:30 p.m. 7 p.m.

KUMEU VINTAGE BRASS         Click to view "The Big Event"

2019 Carolling:   Polo shirt, Panama hat, stand, chair, Christmas folders  

Date Thursday 19 December Friday 20 Saturday 21 Sunday 22 Monday 23 Tuesday 24
Times Report 11:30 am., Play noon- 2 pm. Report 11:30 am., Play noon- 2 pm. Report 11:30 am., Play noon- 2 pm. Report 11:30 am., Play noon- 2 pm. Report 11:30 am., Play noon- 2 pm. Report 11:30 am., Play noon- 2 pm.
Venue Westgate Pak'n'Save, 17  Fred Taylor Drive, Massey Silverdale Centre, Countdown, 40 Hibiscus Coast Highway Kumeu New World, 110 Main Road, Kumeu Silverdale Centre Coundown, 40 Hibiscus Coast Highway Westgate Pak'n'Save,17  Fred Taylor Drive, Massey Kumeu New World, 110 Main Road, Kumeu
Leader Graeme Bruce B Bruce B Graeme Maurice Maurice
Rostered players

Geoff, Peter, John, Brenda, Graham_M,  Bruce_S, Linda, Brian_G, Tony, Mike, Lew, Phil, Roger, Ray, Warwick, Peter, Dennis

Eric_C, John, Brenda, Eric_S, Lesley, Bruce_S, Brian_G, Graham_B, Brian_E,  Barbara, Adrian?, Jamie,  Roger, Dennis, Don

Geoff, Eric_C, Brenda,  Graham_M, Lesley, Bruce_S, Brian_G, Graham_B, Tony, Barbara, Phil, Maurice, Dave, Ray, Don, Dennis, Neville

Eric_C, John, Brenda,  Bruce_S, Brian_G, Graham_B, Brian_E, Adrian?,  Maurice, Norman, Peter

Geoff, Peter, Brenda, Graham_M,  Eric_S, Tony, Mike, Lew, Phil,  Maurice, Ray, Warwick, Norman? Neville Eric_C, Brenda, Graham_M, Eric_S, Barbara, Jamie, Phil, Maurice, Ray, Neville, Don
Collectors Jan G, Daphne, Maureen Maureen, Rex & Colleen Alan, Daphne, Maureen Maureen, Rex & Colleen Jan G, Alan,  Daphne, Maureen?  


Date  Event Report..... start..... ......end Other info .........

Thursday 9 January

First rehearsal of 2020, & every Thursday 12:15 12:30 3 p.m.  
Monday 10 February Morning Melodies: Valentine Songs of Love   11 a.m. noon Long sleeve shirt, tie
Saturday 14 March Brass at the Falls        
Sunday 15 March Kumeu Show        
Sunday 22 March Couldrey House        


Kumeu Brass
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